Dress Code of News Women

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I would like to see the News Women of Fox dress in a more professional way as they are and do consider themselves professional women.I do not think they are setting a good example for the present or future professional women of today.

They appear to be dressed like they are going to a party. Thank you for your consideration of this matter.

I think it is important in today's business world that a good dress code be set so that future business women no bust how to dress to obtain jobs in the business world.Less exposure of skin would be appropriate.



I think that a lawsuit should be filed against Fox News.They dress sexually harassing.

The dress as if they are trying to romance men and boys.They want to sexually arouse the men to get dollars in their dresses/ratings. They are dressed unfit for children and families.They look like they are trying to break the news and tell us they are trying to climb in our house and get in the bed with us.It is causing damage to families that are not trying to raise *** roaches. They are wearing *** roach costumes on morning news. They just want to distract people from real news.

If they report news for dollars in their dresses, then just think of all the lies they must tell for dollars. They are distracting and repugnant to the family unit, unless of course your a *** roach family. They look like tacky star showgirls reporting the news to a gambler with some whisky and a cigar hanging out of his mouth.

The men look at the news ladies then they see us and harass us with their ***, because they are aroused.I don't want a *** roach trying to put his nasty *** on me because the news ladies are teasing them with their sex appeal.


Who watches Fox News? Was this person serious? Agree with Abbey!


If you haven't noticed were are in a deep recession.Seeing people dressed to the 9's is not appropriate when a massive amounts of people are being forclosed on.

Its called being practical.The relaxed professional look is in keeping with the spirit of our lovely economy.


change.....the....channel.... :p


You must have a real sorrowful life if al you can complain about is newspeople clothing.try to smile and get a real life.

Your complaint is pathetic at best.:cry :cry :cry


I would love to see them wear less clothing... :grin

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